If we could find a way to ship to all of you we would.  The hard part is the items we make are just that. Hard and extremely heavy.  Also durable, reliable, awesome, beautiful, and apparently expensive to ship.  Work with us and we'll work with you.  Let us know where we're headed and we'll work to find the most reasonable shipping costs we can find.  If you're local well you just might see us at your front door step with a big a** box and a smile.  No really, it's in our policy.  We'll give you a window and you show us the door. If we're on time and you can't be found we don't leave anything behind. We load up and head back to our shop.  The sucky part is there's no waiving the delivery charge...or the additional charge to come back out unless you'd like to come see us instead.  We will however waive that charge if we ourselves leave you hanging. We'll probably throw in a shirt as well but not the ones off our backs. chances are they're covered in sweat and sawdust.  If for any reason you need to change your local shipping time, a 24 hour notice is needed along with a confirmation from our end so we're both on the same page.  The cost to ship will be included with the final sale of your item


The beautiful thing about wood is its natural character.  It has a pattern all its own that's unique to each individual board. Just like no two trees are alike, no two pieces of furniture are as well.  We work hard to make sure the beauty stands out in each item we make.  Our goal is to deliver you a conversation piece for all the right reasons.  We work hard to build your orders and hope that you understand that even though sometimes we wished we could clone a previous piece, unfortunately we can't.  Please understand that the photos represent the concept and not the exact piece you've ordered. We understand that sometimes our passion for our craft doesn't arrive the way we shipped it. If we could fix that we would but since we can't, we make sure we do our best to be thorough with the bubble wrap. We ask that you be just as thorough with the inspection of your delivered greatness.  If anything looks damaged make sure to let the delivery team know right away.  If it's something we did we will take care of it.  If its something you did well that's just a little more character. Or as my momma calls it charm.    


Our favorite part.  Buying food, diapers, watermelon, that bubbly water they sell at costco by the truckload.  No really it is.  This is not only our passion but how we make our living.  If we don't do a fantastic job we don't eat. If we don't eat we don't have the energy we need to chase our kids.  You ever tried to catch a 5 year old on a playground play set after missing breakfast and lunch and he's got your car key? It ain't fun. That's why we appreciate your more than you know.  Your prompt payment keeps that key fob in our pocket and our monkey bar skills on point.  It's also why we accept credit cards as well as cash payments.  We'll even take a personal check as long as we watch it clear our account before ordering up your materials.  Please though do not send us food, diapers, watermelon, or that bubbly water from costco as a form of payment.  As much as we like those things our lumber suppliers may not.  


wholesale mo sale! Like our stuff? Have a store? Wanna sell it there? Wanna buy more than one? We just might work with ya. We like working direct with our clients but if you have the same passion and a space to fill up. Give us a call and let us know what you're thinking.  The worst we can do is say No Fricken Way!